Healthy Food Trends for 2017

What can we expect from our food in 2017?

1. Vegetarian comfort foods

Veggies are on the rise while animal protein is so 2016. Restaurants will now offer mashed cauliflower instead of rice or pasta and veggie crust for healthier pizzas.

2. Butcher to table

Meat-eaters aren’t backing down though! Expect to see more artisan butcher shops plus specialty restaurants.

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3. Breakfast all day, every day

Welcome to the year of the “brunchfast,” where most eateries and chain restaurants will be serving up breakfast all day long.

4. Bowls on bowls on bowls

It all started with the acai bowl, then the poke bowl this year… So get ready to keep eating out of this handy dish.

5. Goat will be “G.O.A.T.”

Goat has less fat than most other meats, it’s high in protein and already 63% of the world eats it. Bonus: Goat bone broth has the highest levels of collagen!

We’ll just have to wait to start seeing these trends popping up on our plates.

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