Organic Gatorade: Is It Healthy?

When it comes to food & drinks that are labeled “organic” that doesn’t always mean they’re “healthy”.

Why does this matter? Well, Pepsico has recently introduced G Organic, their new and “improved” organic Gatorade. Although Gatorade has ditched the artificial colors and flavors & made the switch to organic cane sugar for G Organic, nutritionally not much is different from the original sports drink.

This new organic line contains about 20 grams of sugar per 12-ounce bottle… The same amount of sugar as regular Gatorade! I know I know… Everybody needs a little sugar in their life, but too much can increase blood sugar levels, raise your risk of heart disease and stack up inches on that waistline.

Not only does G Organic pack in the same amount of sugar but it’s more expensive! Each bottle costs about 50 cents more than regular gatorade. Now that’s just not right.

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