Millennials: The Most Organic Generation

Millennials: we love a great Insta-post, those Snapchat filters and apparently we also love eating organic food.

That’s’ right! According to a survey from the Organic Trade Association, more than half of organic shoppers are parents ages 18 to 34 years old. In fact, we are more likely to consider the organic label to be “trustworthy, credible, reliable & relevant.”

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But it’s important you understand the 4 different types of organic labels, before you go crazy trying to keep up with this trend.

If a product is labeled:

  • Just “organic”… Surprise! It only has to be 95% organic.
  • “Made with organic ingredients” means it has to be 70% organic.
  • “Containing organic ingredients” means it only has to be 50% organic.

So if being completely organic is your thing, make sure you only buy foods that say “100% organic” the next time you hit the supermarket. Even best if you can find cheap healthy meals with the right label. If not your food could have been treated with synthetic pesticides. No bueno!

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