OzHarvest: Finding A Better Use For Uneaten Food

Since it was founded in 2004, Australian food rescue organization, Ozharvest, has delivered more than 59 million meals to people in need.

All through making better use of 19,000 tons of food that would’ve otherwise ended up as waste or in a landfill. Now they’ve found a new a way to expand their food rescue operations through their alliance with different airlines and airports.

“Not everyone chooses to eat when they fly,” CEO and founder Ronni Kahn told Foodtank.

So far, at Brisbane airport, this initiative has collected between 440 to 880 pounds per day. We’re talking uneaten sandwiches, muesli bars, apples and biscuits. At the moment, they have airline and airport food rescue ops in three cities in Australia.

Moving forward, Ozharvest is looking to replicate its food rescue model in the United Kingdom, Thailand and South Africa. Fingers crossed the U.S. will be on that list soon!

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