Coming Soon Near You: Pizza ATMs

Forget about flying cars, the age of the pizza ATM is here! Xavier University has launched America’s first pizza vending machine, open 24/7 to satisfy all your cheesy cravings at the touch of a screen.

The pizzas are made of 100% vegan dough and tomato sauce, and the machine offers eight different toppings, including vegetables, pepperoni and sausage, all for around ten bucks each.

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Similar to withdrawing money from an ATM, you’ll be able to select the style of pizza you want by using a touch screen. From there, your pie will move from the refrigerated compartment into a convection oven, where it will toast it’s way to convenient tastiness. After it’s done, your pie will be dropped into a box and be delivered to you through a slot, as if it were cash.

Xavier’s Pizza ATM has generated a lot of buzz! And it’s been reported that colleges and business in about 20 states have already launched inquiries about getting their own, so you might be bumping into one near you before the end of the year!

Finally! A machine that pays proper tribute to the country’s unofficial currency: the slice!

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