Science Gives Us Healthy Burgers and Hot Dogs

What if I told you that hot dogs and hamburgers may one day be considered a healthy food? You can thank science for that.

That’s because a group of scientists are trying to make these unhealthy, red-meat rich foods healthier by swapping out some of the fat and salt content for… Seaweed!

It’s still in the first phases of research but scientists are studying what happens to the taste, texture and smell when they use seaweed instead of salt and fat. So far 3 species of seaweed— sea spaghetti, wakame, and nori — have been tested out with nori being the least “enjoyable”.

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So what are the benefits of eating seaweed? Well, it serves as a good source of iodine which is essential for maintaining a healthy thyroid, it’s healthy fats may help decrease inflammation in the body, and some research even shows that brown seaweed can regulate the hormones estrogen and estradiol which may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

But don’t go eating all the hot dogs and hamburgers you want just yet. This study is still in its early stages and more research is still needed on the exact benefits of eating seaweed-enriched meats.

In the mean time though you can start sprinkling seaweed on everything, from your salads, to your pasta or even eat it just as chips.

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