Soda Companies Sponsor Our Health Industry

Let’s be real… money talks! And according to a new study from Boston University, Pepsi and Coca-Cola spend millions of dollars each year sponsoring public health organizations…. organizations whose main priority is to support the health of the population.

However the funding of these organizations, that are meant to do what’s best for our health, is a conflict of interest. Take for example Save The Children, an international organization that dropped its support of soda tax legislation in 2010 after receiving a $5 million grant from Pepsi.

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We all know that the last thing Coke and Pepsi want is the passing of a soda tax. In fact, the report found that between 2011 and 2015, Coke or Pepsi lobbied 28 times against the soda tax. A tax that is meant to lower the consumption of soda and improve our overall health.

So talk to your friends and family about the negative things that are happening behind closed doors. Honestly it’s time that we go from a soda-positive society to one that really understands the dangers of drinking this sugar-packed beverage.

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