Big Sugar’s Fiscal Woes

California! Where the weather is warm, the weed is legal and your sugary drinks are taxed.

Actually, that last one doesn’t apply only to the Golden State. This week, Boulder, Colorado; Cook County, Illinois and the three Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland and Albany; California, joined Berkley and Philadelphia in the country’s sugar-tax club, a move that is seen by many as a turning point in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

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After watching the American Beverage Association spend more than $40 million dollars trying to stop these taxes from passing, healthy eating activists across the nation are claiming a hard-fought victory but… What’ll be at the end of it? Well, at least one Harvard study focusing on the Bay Area predicts a near 20% drop in soda consumption and a 4% decrease in the incidence of diabetes.

What seems to be beyond doubt is that the nation’s views on sugar and our health continue to become increasingly negative, and far from standing in a corner sulking about it, people and cities are getting to work.

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