The Sugar Industry Strikes Again

According to a new report, scientific studies with financial ties to the industry are less likely than independently funded studies to find a relationship between sugary drinks and obesity and diabetes. Out of 60 studies that were reviewed, 26 of them found that sugar-sweetened beverages did not cause obesity and diabetes.

The irony?

All 26 of these studies were industry-funded. In fact only one of the studies that highlighted the dangers of consuming these products was funded by the sugar-sweetened beverage industry. The authors of the report accuse the industry of possibly manipulating the findings to protect their business interests.

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Why does this matter? Well, regulatory initiatives, tax measures, and nutritional guidelines that are implemented to protect the public’s health, all hinge on whether it can be proven that drinks high in sugar, like soda, are actually a hazard.

This news comes after a recent report revealed that the soda industry funded public health organizations that are meant to protect the public’s health.

Our question: Should industries be allowed to fund research involving their products? Seems like a conflict to us!

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