The Sugar Shocker Hurting Our Health?

Are you ready for a major sugar shocker?

Newly released documents reveal that the sugar industry funded research to cast doubt on sugar’s role in heart disease and instead place the blame on saturated fats.

It’s true. It all started in 1964 when according to the documents the Sugar Association PAID researchers at Harvard to analyze specific, hand-picked scientific studies on sugar, fat and heart disease.

The results: A published article in The New England Journal of Medicine that claimed reducing cholesterol and saturated fats were THE ONLY dietary changes needed to cut your risk of heart disease. The article minimized the link between sugar and heart disease.

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In fact for decades, health experts encouraged Americans to eat a diet of low-fat foods that are high in sugar which they now considered to be the main culprit of our obesity crisis. The Sugar Association responded to the report by saying the industry “should have exercised greater transparency in all of its research activities,” BUT and this is a big BUT… it still insists research has shown sugar “does not have a unique role in heart disease.”

Fortunately today we know that refined carbs, dietary fats AND sugar-sweetened beverages are all risk factors for heart disease. But this makes us wonder how many other food players are not being transparent about their role in nutrition research? Now that’s a frightening truth to swallow.

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