Turn Food Trash Into Edible Treasures

30-40% Of the food in the U.S. is wasted… tossed in the trash!

So, more people are getting sustainable. Basically, you buy it— you eat it!

Example: take those carrot tops and add them into a pepped-up pesto. Got avocados past their prime? They make a great base for chocolate mousse or as the fat in your favorite brownie recipe. And don’t get us started on used coffee grounds. They make a great: fertilizer, fridge deodorizer and facial scrubs.

Nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield says sustainable cooking is good for the environment: “We have more food in landfills than plastic or paper and that, um, contributes to global warming.”

But with the average family of four wasting $1500 a year in food, it’s good for your wallet, too.

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