Your Food Under President Trump

It’s safe to say the election of our 45th president is one for the history books, and the results are quite shocking to many. But between all the debates over healthcare, immigration and the economy, other critical issues like agriculture and food policy got lost in the “hot mess” of this campaign.

So what can you expect from President Trump when it comes to your food and why should you even care?

He once claimed he would scrap the Environmental Protection Agency, a federal agency whose sole purpose is to reduce environmental risks and protect our agriculture industry. In fact, he’s accused the EPA of causing more damage than preventing it.

But surprise! He’s reneged on that threat… and is instead promising to ease regulations that could impact the quality of our water, air and climate. All of which affect our food!

As for the FDA, he considers them the “Food Police” and again promises to ease regulations for farm and food production hygiene, food packaging and inspections.

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What about his stance on Genetically Modified Foods?

Both Clinton and Trump support the use of GMOs, which are quite controversial since there have been concerns that they contain allergens and use antibiotic-resistant genes. But here’s the big difference between the two. Trump DOES NOT support mandatory GMO labeling. This is troubling since as Americans we should have the right to know exactly what is being put into our food.

Don’t turn to him as your diet role model either. Trump is a junk food lover and constantly eats fast-food like McDonald’s. This will no doubt be a controversial next 4 years. Hopefully 4 years that won’t erase Michelle Obama’s efforts to raise a healthier generation of kids who think about food, nutrition and fitness.

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