Trump’s War On Guac

You’ve probably heard, President Donald Trump is proposing a tariff of 20% on Mexican imports as a means to pay for his border wall. The proposal left a lot of question hanging in the air. Is this the beginning of a trade war? Will Trump’s wall echo Game of Thrones by setting up an all-black wearing, military-type order to guard it a la Night’s Watch?

Valid questions, but perhaps the most important one of all is: how will this affect you on a daily basis?

As far as food goes, Mexico is the most important trade partner with the US for fruits and veggies, and the second-largest U.S. trade partner overall for food products. So yes, the repercussions on your grocery runs would probably be pretty real. We’re talking everything from watermelons to assorted nuts to tomatoes. And let’s not even start on the beer and tequila. The worst, though? The avocado situation. The US imports around 79% of Mexico’s avocado production, so if you think that price hike last year was bad, you got another one coming.

With U.S. dependence on Mexican fresh produce having grown by 264% between 1999 and 2014, a possible vacuum left by Mexican products would be more than palpable for any consumer.

Our suggestion? Keep an eye out for how this whole thing plays out, and maybe start entertaining the idea of a world with Guac-less Super Bowl parties.

Good luck with that!

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