Vegetarians! Grow Muscle on Your Green Diet

Afraid going on a green diet will hurt your workout? Think again!

It looks like vegetarian diets don’t compromise exercise performance and may even improve your aerobic capacity.

A new study looking at 27 vegetarian and 43 omnivore athletes tracked their maximal oxygen uptake (VO2) on a treadmill and strength in leg extensions. Although total protein intake was lower among vegetarians than meat-eaters, protein intake as a function of body mass did not differ between the groups.

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When it came to maximal oxygen uptake, there was one surprising fact: Female vegetarians had a 13% greater VO2 maximum score than their meat-eating competitors. That’s right! Females actually performed better on a veggie diet.

So ditch your old school views on vegetarianism and put on your running shoes, girl!

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