WISErg: A New Solution for Food Waste

Food waste remains a major issue in the US. We dump about 160 billion pounds of food per year. Finally though someone’s decided to do something about it.

Enter WISErg.

This biotech start-up has one goal: to make better use of the ridiculous amount of food being discarded each year. How you ask? Three simple steps!

  1. First, they work with grocers to secure the organic food waste, everything from expired steaks to potato peels.
  2. Second, they have their Harvester machines, which are in the grocery stores, turn food scraps into a nutrient rich liquid, that’s later perfected into an organic fertilizer at a WISErg facility.
  3. Step three is getting that solution out into the fields to improve the soil and to produce extra-delicious veggies and fruits for you, the consumer.

From Canada to Mexico, growers are already experiencing the positive results in the shape of higher quality produce, which tastes better for us consumers, higher margins, and, well, higher rates of slow-clapping from this guy.

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