4 Fun Facts About Tacos

Did someone say tacos?!

Here are some fun facts about one of our favorite plates:

1. Explosive tacos

The word “taco” arose in the silver mines of Mexico. Tacos were thin sheets of paper wrapped around gunpowder. Imagine taking a bite of that!

2. Taco time

According to tradition, tacos have a specific time of day to be eaten. Seafood based tacos are eaten for lunch while antojitos are dinner tacos!

3. Ring that taco bell

Taco bell started in 1950 as a burger and hotdog stand. The company started selling hard tacos for 19¢ to take advantage of the hispanic neighborhood.

4. Taco love song

Mexican musician Chava Flores was so inspired by the act of eating a taco, he actually wrote a song about it called La Taquiza!

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