5 Fun Facts About Pancakes

Who doesn’t love some fluffy pancakes!

5 Things you must know about pancakes:

1. Holy Pancakes

It’s believed that during medieval times, the first 3 pancakes of a batch were sacred. They were marked with a cross, sprinkled with salt & set aside to ward off evil.

2. Aunt Jemima

Invented in Missouri, Aunt Jemima pancake flour was introduced in 1889. It was the first “ready mix” food commercially sold.

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3. Lucky Pancakes

In France, people often hold a coin in one hand and make wishes while flipping their pancakes with the other hand.

4. Secret Ingredient

Before baking soda, pancakes obtained their fluffiness from this secret ingredient: freshly fallen snow!

5. Fortune Telling Pancakes

In Canada, symbolic objects are added to the batter. Things like engagement rings, a penny or a button. They’re used to predict the future of the consumer.

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