Beware Of This Ingredient In Your Organic Food

What the !%@^ are you eating?!?


What is it?

A seaweed gel used as a food additive

What’s the problem?

It’s used to thicken and stabilize a variety of conventional foods, even found in some organic products… Animal studies have linked it to:

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Where is it banned?

Nowhere right now… but a committee that advises the FDA on GRAS ingredients says “uncertainties exist” and further study is needed. There is also a petition to remove carrageenan from organic products.
**UPDATE: On 11/18/16 The National Organic Standards Board decided to remove carrageenan from organic ingredients.**

What to look out for?

  • Dairy products
  • Soymilk, almond milk
  • Nutritional shakes
  • Some meat products
  • Certain frozen meals

What to do?

Read the ingredient list, even if the package says organic!

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