This Dangerous Ingredient May Be in Your Bread!

Are You Eating Potassium Bromate?

Mmmmm, there’s nothing better than the smell of baked bread. But have you stopped to think what is in the bread you are eating? Do you know what this is? “POTASSIUM BROMATE”.

Say what? Yeah, the stuff that makes white bread white, makes bread rise quicker and has been banned in: Europe, China, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, South Korea, Peru, Sri Lanka to name a few.

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In the U.S., the FDA has encouraged food manufacturers to stop using it, but hasn’t made them. But don’t worry Californians, your State requires a warning label when bromated flour is used. The International Agency for Research on Cancer reported already 16 years ago that potassium bromate is a possible human carcinogen.

I suggest you throw out everything you own with potassium bromate it in and start checking labels. You know its bad. Buy local or you can always bake your own bread!

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