Shocking Foods Packed with Sugar

Candy isn’t the only thing packed with sugar. Here are some other hidden sugar shockers!

1. Hold the Tomato Sauce. Some brands contain as much as 4 teaspoons of added sugar per ½ cup.

2. Fear the Fat-Free Dressings. The fat is often replaced with added sugar, as much as two teaspoons per serving.

3. Speaking of fat-free… To keep flavor and texture similar, fat-free desserts remove the fat & replace it with added sugars. Often leaving the calorie content similar to the original.

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4. Keep it Plain Jane. Sweetened yogurts can contain as much added sugar as a serving of ice cream! Choose plain and sweeten it with whole fruit instead.

5 Say bye-bye to the BBQ Sauce. Added sugars make up as much as 80% of the ingredient list in some brands. Use sparingly.

6. Don’t do dried out. Some dried fruit varieties add sugar to enhance flavor and texture. Choose options with only fruit as the ingredient.

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