What the #*%^ Are You Eating?!?

Stop picking out those Lucky Charms marshmallows!

Now you can buy A POUND of Cereal Charms marshmallows, a look-a-like product from Medley Hills Farm.

But unfortunately these marbits are not “magically healthy”. The first ingredient on the list is sugar. One serving contains a whopping 25 grams of the sweet stuff!

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They also contain artificial colors: red 40 yellow 6 blue 1 and yellow 5, which are FDA approved, at low levels that are “presumably safe.” But, in several studies three of those dyes were contaminated with known carcinogens…. And linked to hyperactivity and behavioral problems.

Note: Medley Hills Farms isn’t the only company using dyes. Food manufacturers pour about 15 million pounds of them into what we eat each year.

So, don’t fall for the pretty colors and remember to always read your labels.

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