Get Your Fridge Organized and Save Your Sanity


When you come home from the grocery store and put everything away in the fridge I bet you’re feeling pretty satisfied like you’ve actually accomplished something. If that’s the case you might be missing one crucial step that’s going to spell the difference between disaster and success!

When it comes to fridge most people don’t have a system and that’s where the problem begins. One home for everything and like with like means that you’re going to save money, time, and stress.

One home for everything means that everything has one home and only one home. So once you establish the home for fruit anybody can find an apple when they’re looking for it. Like with like means that all the fruit lives together. So we don’t have a few apples scattered up with the dairy and-when you’re looking for an apple all you can find are the bananas. It’s that simple. One home for everything, like with like.

You save money because you’re not wasting food. Those chicken breasts aren’t buried in the back of the fridge and you can’t find them when its time to cook them. You save time because you’re not running back and forth to the store for one missing item for crucial recipe. And of course you’re saving stress because you now know exactly what you have and you can find it in a minutes notice.