4 Sneaky Sources of Calcium

Dislike drinking milk?  Don’t fret.

Here are five surprising foods to help meet your calcium needs:

1 . Tofu

Look for extra firm tofu to get more than 300 mg of calcium in a 1/4 of a block. This plant-based source has slightly more of the mineral than 1 cup of skim milk.

2. Sardines

Not only are sardines an excellent source of heart-protective omega-3 fats, but they’re a good dairy-free source of calcium.  Two sardines contain about 100mg of the nutrient.

3. Almond milk

While almonds naturally contain some calcium, look for almond milk that has been fortified. Which will boost the beverage’s calcium content beyond that of cow’s milk. An added bonus, the unsweetened version has half as many calories as a glass of skim.

4. Leafy greens

Choose greens like kale, Chinese cabbage, and bok choy to boost your calcium intake. These veggies are better sources than spinach or collard greens.

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