5 Bad Food Habits To Break Now!

We make over 200 food-related decisions a day, and many are unconscious.

For healthier eating habits, learn which food behaviors you should break:

1. Eating and binging

TV makes us less active and encourages weight gain by promoting high calorie foods and mindless eating. Research shows for every 2 hours of tv you watch a day, the risk of becoming obese increases by almost 25%.

2. Avoiding fruit for fear of sugar

Much of the sugar in our diets comes from added sources, particularly sweet drinks and snacks. Most of us would benefit from eating fewer processed sweets, not less fruit.

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3. Keeping fruit out of sight

Don’t store fruit where it is hard to see. Placing fruit on a cute bowl in a central location in your house will make it more convenient and appealing to eat.

4. Eating from large packages

Research shows people who eat from larger packages tend to eat more without realizing it. They’re also less likely to cut their daily intake to compensate for those extra calories.

5. Giving “healthy” snack foods a free pass

Beware of foods advertised as “healthy”. Research shows people eat more if an item is perceived to be good for you.

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