5 Top Foods To Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is best battled by maintaining a healthy diet.

Here are some foods to add to your regime:

1. Grapefruit

Citrus has been shown to reduce low-grade systemic inflammation. But check with your doctor before adding it to your diet since it can interact with certain medications.

2. Parsley

This leafy green has flavones, compounds with touted anti-inflammatory benefits, that may play a role in breast cancer prevention.

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3. Red onions

Packed with protective plant chemicals that inhibit the inflammatory process. Red onions help fight free radicals and may prevent stomach and colon cancer.

4. Strawberries

These berries have compounds shown to reduce the body’s inflammatory response. After eating a meal high in carbs.

5. Mackerel

This fish is a potent source of omega-3 fats and may help decrease inflammation caused by binge eating unhealthy foods.

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