5 Foods That Could Be Aging You

What you consume on a regular basis may affect how quickly you age.

Here are 5 foods that could be aging you:

1. Butter

The type of saturated fat found in butter may cause inflammation that can trigger aging.

2. White bread

White bread may contribute to premature aging… Why? Refined white flour has its beneficial components removed, leaving behind few protective nutrients.

3. Flame-grilled burgers

Eating red meat regularly may speed up the aging process and cooking it over an open flame creates chemicals, which are “probable carcinogens”.

4. Sugary soft drinks

Consuming 8 oz of soda per day, less than one can, could age you by an extra two years. (This association was not seen with diet soda, non-carbonated sugary drinks, and fruit juice.)

5. Processed deli meats

Eating processed meat, specifically bologna, salami and ham, at least one time per week may decrease telomere length, a marker of how quickly your body may age.

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About the author

Emily Gelsomin

Emily is a registered dietitian with experience providing medical nutrition therapy as a senior clinical nutritionist on an outpatient basis. She also teaches wellness to hospital employees and has knowledge of foodservice management and recipe writing. She has a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, helping to blend her view of the science and art of eating into a holistic vantage.