5 Healthy New Year Traditions

5 Healthy New Year’s traditions from around the world:

1. Grapes

The Spanish eat 12 grapes at midnight to bring good luck in the new year. It’s a tradition worth joining! Eating fruits at least 3xs per week may reduce risk of diabetes.

2. A fruited table

The filipinos place 12 round fruits on a party table, one for each month. Research shows keeping fruit visible can increase consumption.

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3. Soba noodles

In japan, these noodles represent desire for a long life. They contain buckwheat, a nutrient-rich whole grain that may help keep your digestive tract healthy.

4. Hoppin’ john

This southern dish signifies good fortune & typically contains black-eyed peas & greens. It may also help brain function. Regularly eating legumes and leafy greens can fight mental decline.

5. Lentils

In Italy, lentils represent coins and symbolize luck. Eating legumes, like lentils, 2xs per week may also reduce risk of breast cancer.

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