5 Reasons To Eat More Yogurt

Here are a few reasons to start adding yogurt to your diet:

1. Smart snacking

 Yogurt helps improve satiety and regulate appetite better than other less nutritious snacks. Look for non-fat plain greek yogurt. It may be particularly effective at helping to fight hunger.

 2. Bone health

 One cup of yogurt has as much calcium as a glass of milk. Look for brands fortified with vitamin D, which is necessary for proper calcium absorption.

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 3. Brain function

Good bacteria in yogurt may alter activity in brain regions that control emotion and senses. This may help control unpleasant stress and pain.

 4. Blood pressure

 One cup of yogurt is a good source of potassium. People with higher intakes of potassium tend to have lower blood pressure.

 5. Healthy aging

 Yogurt contains nutrients like vitamin B6, zinc, protein, and probiotics. Regular consumption may help maintain a healthy immune system and decrease the risk of developing diseases as we age.

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