Break the Habits Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Trying to shed some pounds, but the scale isn’t moving down?

Discover these 3 habits that could be damaging your diet and fitness routine.

1. Drinking liquid calories

Sodas, sweetened teas, milk, juice and booze, all can pack on crazy amounts of calories. Stick to water and focus on eating calories, not drinking them.

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2. Staying up late

Studies show that people who stay up late eat higher fat and higher calorie foods. Plus, lack of sleep can leave you feeling tired the next day, which can increase your food cravings and appetite.

3. You think hitting the gym gives you a pass

Just because the treadmill says you burned 500 calories, doesn’t mean you should go and eat an extra 500 calories. If you get hungry after a workout, snack on low calorie, high-protein options like string cheese or hard boiled egg.

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