Best Food For A Kidney Detox

Our kidneys play a crucial role in regulating our blood pressure, water balance and removing waste and toxins.

Here are the 4 best foods for kidney health:

1. Water

The kidneys require an abundant supply of water to filter waste from the bloodstream. The institute of medicine suggests men take in 13 cups and women 9 cups. But studies show that the “8 cup a day rule” is arbitrary because our thirst mechanism is very effective at determining our water needs.

2. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice can be used to prevent kidney stones caused by calcium oxalate. They also help to reduce infection in the kidney cells by preventing bacteria from thriving.

3. Spirulina

As an antioxidant, spirulina has shown to have an anti-toxicity effect on the kidneys. It can also help rid the body of heavy metal toxins, especially arsenic.

4. Garlic extract

Kidney health is majorly affected by blood pressure. The consumption of aged garlic extract has been shown to lower systolic blood pressure just as well as some medications.

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