Best Snacks for TV Binge Watching

Netflix and chillin’? Keep it healthy with these nutritious snacks!

1. Pop- Pop- Pop it Up! With only 93 calories in 3 cups, air popped popcorn can satisfy your crunch cravings without packing on the pounds.

2. Get Cool. Frozen grapes give you a boost of antioxidants with only naturally occurring sugars.

3. Bust ‘em Wide Open. Pistachios are the lowest calorie nuts and the shells leave behind a visual reminder of how much you’ve eaten.

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4. Slam Dunk It. Raw carrots & hummus is one of our favorite low-calorie, high volume snacks! 1 cup of raw carrots with 2 TBS of hummus is 102 calories.

5. Be Smooth. Swap a large bowl of ice cream for a smoothie made from low-fat plain yogurt and fresh berries. You’ll save 350 calories and satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Give in to Your Craving. One ounce of dark chocolate serves up a delicious dose of heart-healthy flavonoids at 170 calories.

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