The Best And The Worst Celebrity Diets

Your favorite celebrity diets ranked!

Worst: Master cleanse diet

Beyonce’s diet promotes drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. An acidic mix that may trigger heartburn.

Bad: The apple cider vinegar diet

Megan Fox’s pick involves drinking shots of vinegar, which may erode teeth enamel.

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Okay: The five hands diet

Victoria Beckham reportedly eats just five palm-full size portions of high protein foods. Which most likely will not provide your daily nutrient needs.

Good: The alkaline diet

Celebrity fans believe eating certain foods can alter the PH of the blood promoting health. However these claims have not been backed by research.

Best:Weight Watchers

Oprah’s diet of choice provides the most balance. And highest success rate with a combination of portion control and support.

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