Chlorophyll: The New Magical Liquid for Water

Have you had your “chlorophyll water” today?

It’s a thing… People going “green” with their H2O, literally! There are chlorophyll drops and supplements, too. You remember “chlorophyll” from science class, right?

It’s what gives plants their green color and helps with photosynthesis. So, why are people rushing to guzzle green? “Scientist have looked at the benefits of chlorophyll for over 50 years. They have found it to be safe and they found that chlorophyll actually has a lot of benefits to humans” Said Sonya Angelone, a spokesperson from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Experts say chlorophyll can help with wound healing and skin health. But the biggest benefit: research shows chlorophyll may be a potent cancer fighter. You can also get a daily dose of chlorophyll just by eating 5-7 servings of green veggies.

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