Cold-Pressed Juices vs. Plain Old Fruits & Veggies

Need a quick morning pick-me-up, but aren’t into all that fancy coffee stuff? Chill out…cold-pressed juices are all the rage these days for some quick..but costly nutrients. So what’s got people doling out their cold, hard cash?

First, they were popular as cleansers, but now…

For a while, consumers have been drinking cold-pressed juices to detox or lose weight. Now, they are hitting health food stores as an easy way to get fruits and veggies on the go.   According to Annie Lawless, cofounder of Suja Juice, “People who might not otherwise sit down to a big, large salad are getting two to three pounds of produce in an easy to drink, easy to consume, digestible way.”

That produce can include ingredients like kale or cucumber with carrots or apples to give the juices a sweeter taste. Beverage analyst Jonas Feliciano explains, “They can be viewed as a status symbol. You know, in the same way that you might see someone proudly carrying their yoga mat around.”

These juices aren’t cheap.

They can cost up to ten dollars for a sixteen-ounce bottle. Feliciano says that it’s due to the organic ingredients, as well as the special pasteurization process. “Unlike those other brands which use, sort of, flash pasteurization or high heat, these juices look to imitate the raw juices that are made at home.”

Be careful with these juices when it comes to calories.

Andrea Giancoli is a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She says because the process of juicing extracts the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, you won’t get all the digestive benefits you would from eating them whole.  “You’re probably going to get a lot more benefit if you were to just have a salad. You want to ensure that if you do drink these juices on a regular basis that you’re watching the calories because the calories can really add up.”

If you’re looking to infuse both nutrients and fiber into your diet, Giancoli suggests blending up a smoothie instead of a juice. That way, you get all the benefits of the whole fruits and vegetables in your glass.


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