4 Foods to Help Combat PMS

Certain food sources can boost your intake of nutrients that can reduce unpleasant effects for PMS:

1. Spinach

An excellent source of magnesium, which studies show can help reduce bloating from premenstrual fluid retention. 1 Cup of the cooked veggie delivers roughly ½ the recommended daily intake of the nutrient for women.

2. Ginger

Research shows taking ginger during the first 3 – 4 days of the menstrual cycle may help decrease pain.

3. Nutritional yeast

An excellent source of vitamin B6, which may reduce symptoms of depression linked to PMS.

4. Amaranth

Higher intake of plant-based iron has been associated with a lower risk of premenstrual syndrome. Grains, unless they’re fortified, are typically low in the mineral… But, amaranth is naturally an excellent source.

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