How to Feed a Healthy Thyroid

Are your moody, tired & gaining weight? Could be an underactive thyroid and your diet may be to blame.

1. Seaweed

Seaweed contains iodine, an essential component of thyroid hormones. But the amount in this marine plant varies & eating too much can hurt thyroid function. Try other sources like seafood and dairy products

2. Soy

Contrary to popular opinion, there is little evidence soy negatively affects thyroid function in healthy people. It may interfere with thyroid medication though, so keep your pills and tofu separate.

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3. Raw cruciferous vegetables

Eating vegetables from the brassica family, like kale and brussels sprouts is usually fine. But extremely large raw portions eaten regularly can negatively affect the thyroid. Enjoy them both raw and cooked to protect against this effect.

4. Coffee

The world’s most popular brew is only a concern if you already need thyroid medication. Coffee can reduce its effectiveness, so don’t take your pills with your morning cuppa joe.

5. Millet

This gluten-free whole grain is rich in nutrients like zinc. But large amounts may also negatively affect the thyroid. It may be wise to vary your gluten-free grains.

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