Top Diet Tips For Cancer Prevention

As many as 30% of all cancer cases are linked to poor dietary habits.

Here are top tips for keeping the big C away:

1. Fill your grocery cart with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds & tea!

 These foods contain proven anticancer and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. Studies show eating one or more of them can significantly cut your risk of getting sick.

2. Limit red meat

 The world health organization says beef, veal and pork are “probably” carcinogenic when eaten regularly. But there’s no “probably” when it comes to processed meats like hot dogs and bacon.

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 3. Cut back on high calorie, low-nutrient foods with added sugars & solid fats

 They’ve been linked to cancer-causing inflammation.

 4. Reduce your alcohol intake

It helps to fight colon, breast and ovarian cancer.

5. Avoid too much salt

Avoid salt to help save your stomach. Warning: it hides in many processed foods!

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