What to Eat Before You Meditate

Before meditation, be mindful of what you eat!

1. Less is more

 During digestion, blood flows to the stomach making you feel drowsy. Avoid heavy meals at least 1 hr before your session.

 2. Stay focused

 Say no to fried and high-sugar treats. Processed foods can make you feel sluggish, disrupting your ability to concentrate.

3. On-the-go?

 Grab a banana! This potassium-rich power snack helps promote cardiovascular health and digestion for better zen.

4. Add some almonds!

Rich in protein, healthy fats and vitamins, these power seeds will keep you satisfied as you center your body and mind.

 5. Morning meditation?

 Skip the caffeine and boost your immune system with this green juice:


  •  2 cucumbers
  •  6 celery stalks
  •  kale or spinach
  •  3 green apples
  •  1 lemon or lime

6. Hydrate!

 Water helps flush toxins out of your system. For a little extra twist, infuse your water with slices of oranges, kiwi or lemon.

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