Don’t Be a Newbie in the Kitchen!

Don’t be a newbie in the kitchen! Avoid these food safety mistakes:

1. Taste testing

Tasting even a tiny amount of spoiled food can get you seriously ill. Instead check package dates & when in doubt, throw it out!

2. Washing meat, poultry or eggs 

Rinsing these only spreads bacteria to your sink & other areas of your kitchen.

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3. Thawing on the counter

Thaw your food in the fridge, not on your counter! Germs multiply rapidly at room temperature.

4. Undercooking meat or poultry

Make sure you reach the safe minimum cooking temperatures for your favorite foods.

5. Not scrubbing in

Your hands may be the biggest germ carriers of all. Wash them for 20 seconds with soap & water before handling food.

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