5 Foods with Natural Antibiotic Power

Did you know that nature was been providing us with thousands of natural medicines and natural antibiotics over the millennia? Before there were pharmaceutical medications, all people had were herbs, leaves, spices and fruits.

Here are 5 natural sources that contain antibiotic power:

1.  Cinnamon

Components in cinnamon exhibit protective activity against several bacteria. The spice may even be a player in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections.

2. Honey

Certain kinds of honey have been found to inhibit disease-causing microbes. Especially with skin wounds.

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3. Cloves

Cloves may help reduce the presence of disease-causing pathogens, like Listeria, a common cause of food poisoning.

4. Kefir

This fermented milk drink may have antibacterial properties that protect against several illness-causing bacteria.

5 Garlic

The active ingredients in garlic help kill harmful bacteria like Campylobacter, which can cause intestinal infections.

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