The Fastest Growing Food Trend: How Healthy Is It?

Are you one of those shoppers who reads labels and avoids foods with artificial ingredients? Well, grocery shopping should be getting a whole lot easier! A new report reveals that natural colors are the fastest growing food trend…with a lot of top brands and private label companies looking to make the switch. “The trend of removing artificial colors is just in its infancy. It’s going to get bigger and bigger and bigger,” says Phil Lempert from Supermarket Guru.

Companies like Kraft and Nestle, as well as popular food chains like Panera and Subway, are removing artificial additives. General mills is removing colors from artificial sources from all its cereals, including Trix, which is changing from six colors to four. “We’re moving from the colors with numbers that consumers might be used to, like red 40 or yellow 5, and instead of using colors sources such as fruit and vegetable juices, as well as spices,” says Lauren Pradhan from General Mills Cereals.

Experts point out that switching to natural sources of pigment can be a challenge for food makers, since fruits, vegetables and spices can add flavor. So what should you and your taste buds know if you’re interested in making the switch? “The most important thing for a consumer to look out for is the free from claim.” Claims like: no colors from artificial sources… since the FDA actually considers any form of added color to be artificial, regardless of whether it’s made in a lab or extracted from fruit. That’s something consumer Katie Moseman keeps an eye out for since she is into the natural approach. “If I’m eating something to enjoy it, I don’t want to put anything artificial in my foods.”


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