How Healthy Are Freeze-Dried Foods?

Freeze dried foods, you’ve heard of it for astronauts, soldiers and even doomsdayers. Now it’s mainstream, sales are exploding for what supporters call the ultimate “fast food”.

Unopened, the food can last for decades.

You’ll find single ingredients like meats and vegetables. But also main dishes, even gluten-free, vegetarian and organic options. The dehydrated dishes can be found everywhere from national chains to online stores.

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Need dinner in 10-15 minutes? Take a scoop of freeze-dried chicken and carrots, add water and seasonings, simmer for 5 minutes and you’ll have a soup.

In general, is the trend healthy? Nutritionists say, you don’t need to add sodium or additives to freeze dry. The process doesn’t impact nutrients. It may cost more up front because you are buying in bulk, but there is no waste since nothing goes bad. Taste varies from brand to brand.

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