3 Foods for a Healthier Hanukkah

Here are 3 healthy dishes to add to your Hanukkah menu this year:

1. Latkes with applesauce

Instead of traditional crispy white potato pancakes, try substituting zucchini, sweet potatoes or carrots. These veggies are chock-full of nutrients, like magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, a long list of vitamins and more. Pair them with homemade applesauce (instead of sour cream) to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory properties!

2. Chopped liver

Liver is an excellent source of iron and vitamin A.  But it’s best to keep the spread for special occasions only. If eaten regularly, you can get too much of these nutrients.

3. Noodle kugel

The cottage cheese in most kugel recipes make it a good source of protein. Providing 10% of your daily value per serving and a boost of calcium.

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