4 Healing Herbs In Your Kitchen

Herbs are more than flavor enhancers, they have health benefits too.

Here are four plants with promising healing properties:

1. Thyme

Taking thyme in syrup or extract form may help reduce coughing. Seen in upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and the common cold.

2. Basil

2 tbsp of this chopped herb is a potent source of vitamin K, which is necessary to ensure proper blood clotting after a cut.

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3. Oregano

With concerns about antibiotic resistance growing, oregano oil shows promise. In helping to fight bacteria and may even enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics.

4. Ginger

While not technically an herb, ginger is still worth mentioning. Studies show it may have benefits that range from reducing nausea and vomiting to easing muscle pain after exercise.

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