Corn’s Secret Health Benefits

Healthy Eating Made Delicious

Corn is not only a delicious treat. This barbecue favorite has many benefits. Look at the perks this small whole grain has to offer your body.

1. Rich in fiber, corn provides chewing satisfaction and fullness after eating, helping with weight management

2. Consuming whole grain corn may help boost beneficial bacteria in the gut

3. The antioxidants in purple corn have been found to protect against kidney damage in people with diabetes

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4. Cooking corn increases the availability of antioxidants, helping boost the health benefit

5. Consuming corn husk oil was found in research to lower LDL cholesterol levels

6. The hulls (you know the part that gets caught in your teeth) have the highest concentration of antioxidants and fiber in corn

7. Phytochemicals in whole corn appear to protect against high blood pressure

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