Which Of Your Favorite Foods Is The Healthiest

It’s time to put these foods to the test!

Let’s see which come out on top as healthiest!

1. Burger

Beef vs. Turkey

Turkey burgers often contain more sodium and just as much if not more fat. Opt for a grass fed beef patty instead, which is richer in omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Peanut butter

Reduced-fat vs. Regular

Regular peanut butter provides more healthy fats with less added sugar.

3. Milk

Almond vs. Soy

Almond milk is a lower calorie, less processed option. It’s also richer in calcium.

4. Chips

Kale vs. Veggie

Veggie chips are often just colored potato chips. While kale chips have kale as the main ingredient… rich in fiber and packed full of nutrients.

5. Lunch

Sandwich vs. Wrap

The sandwich offers a smaller portion size, plus the option of choosing whole grain bread. A standard 8-inch tortilla contains almost double the calories and 4x the fat of one slice.

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