3 Recipe Hacks for Healthier Comfort Foods

‘Tis the season of chilly weather and of course, food cravings. Thankfully, these comfort foods just got healthier.

1. Mac and cheese

For each pound of pasta called for, cut the amount by one-third and add in a head of steamed or roasted cauliflower instead. You’ll save over 300 calories & 75 grams of carbohydrates, while doubling the fiber content.

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2. Meatloaf

Cut down on unhealthy saturated fat by swapping half a pound of ground beef for a pound of sautéed cremini or white button mushrooms. This swap will help you stay satisfied, while cutting your calorie count.

3. Chocolate chip cookies

Swap half of the all-purpose flour with an equal portion of white whole-wheat flour. This adds whole grains & dietary fiber, which lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Also, ditch the milk chocolate and use dark chocolate chips instead.

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