3 Healthy Easter Dinner Classics

Resurrect your Easter dinner with these healthy holiday favorites!

1. Deviled eggs

Two deviled eggs have about 150 calories, a good source of protein and vitamin A, which helps keep your heart, lungs and eyes healthy.

2. Salmon with mustard sauce

An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. People with higher levels of these protective fats may live longer. Mustard seeds contain a compound that may help fight cancer.

3. Minted peas

Mint contains compounds that may help fight diseases, like cancer. But peas also pack a nutritional punch; they provide 25% of the RDI of fiber at only 100 calories!

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About the author

Emily Gelsomin

Emily is a registered dietitian with experience providing medical nutrition therapy as a senior clinical nutritionist on an outpatient basis. She also teaches wellness to hospital employees and has knowledge of foodservice management and recipe writing. She has a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, helping to blend her view of the science and art of eating into a holistic vantage.

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