3 Healthy Greek Christmas Traditions

Add a taste of Greek to your Christmas celebration.

These healthy dishes are packed with nutrition and will leave your family asking for more.

1. Sesame Baklava

This treat contains poly- and monounsaturated fats from sesame seeds and olive oil. Which help you live longer when you use them to get rid of saturated fats like butter.

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2. Yiaprakia

Lots of red is good for Santa, but not so much for your body. Stuffing a little beef or pork into a vegetable helps reduce your meat intake. One cabbage roll contains about an ounce of meat. Try to eat fewer than 18 oz of meat per week to help cut risk of stomach, colon and heart disease.

3. Christopsomo

This bread is made to ensure well-being in the home in the new year. It´s made with heart-healthy olive oil, vitamin-rich oranges, antioxidant-packed walnuts and healing cinnamon. This year try making it with whole grain wheat, too!

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