A Taste Of Healthy Italian

Here are 3 healthy dishes that will leave you singing buon natale!

It’s not all about pasta! A healthy dose of greens makes it onto Italian holiday tables. So does fish… Thanks to the tradition of avoiding meat on Christmas eve.

1. Marinated anchovies

They have about two times as much heart-protective omega-3 fatty acid as wild salmon and sardines.

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2. Polenta and Salted Cod

This corn porridge can be served creamy or pan-fried. It´s a good source of fiber and pairing it with salted cod means the dish is waistline friendly!

3. Escarole-Stuffed Pizza

This Neapolitan holiday twist on pizza contains heart-healthy olives in addition to greens. In a recent study, greens in the escarole family were called “powerhouse veggies”

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